Frequently Asked Questions - Paris Walking Tours
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Frequently Asked Questions

Who will be taking my tour?

All our tours and lessons are currently run by Pierre who is a seasoned French teacher with a very impressive background and cultural knowledge. He has a heartfelt love for France which comes across in all his tours and lessons. Read more about his background.

Why do you charge extra for picking me up at my hotel? Some tours include this.

Instead of increasing the cost of every tour we like to give people the choice of whether they want to meet at the start of the tour or be collected from their hotel. Everyone’s different and we just add a small extra charge to cover our time and expense coming to find you. Our goal is to give you the best value and experience possible without making it out of reach for people.

The Coffee & Travel sessions – what’s that all about?

We’ve found that some people have a lot of questions about Paris or their onward journey and like to pick our brains. Pierre has a fantastic knowledge about France and although he’s happy to answer questions throughout the tours sometimes it’s better to sit down with a coffee and the map and go through everything in a more relaxed personable way. We’ve designed this 45 minute session as an extra option which can take place at the beginning or end of a tour. The price includes a hot drink. Although we do our best to recommend ideas we can’t be responsible for booking anything on your behalf as we’re not a travel agent.

I have a young child, can they come on the tour?

We love families – no really we do … so our tours are very much family friendly. Just be aware that strollers are not possible on the Montmartre tour as there are lots of stairs but a small baby in a carrier would work. For all other tours we can accommodate young children in/out of a stroller but depending on their pace the whole tour might not be possible in the 90 minutes. We are happy to adapt as required. Children under 8 come free and we offer a reduced rate of 10 euros for children aged 8-12. We have some special things up our sleeves to engage them in the tour and keep them interested.

I get tired easily, 90 minutes sounds like a long time to be walking.

It’s amazing how quickly the time flies but Paris can be a tiring place so if you are finding it hard then we’re happy to slow down or find somewhere so you can sit for a few minutes. Some of our clients have wanted to buy an ice cream or pop in for postcards as they’ve walked past places – this is all fine with us but does sometimes mean the tour will end at an earlier point. As all our tours are private, just you and your friends/family we can go at exactly the pace you need.

How do I find you at the meeting point?

Although we won’t be holding up a big umbrella (unless it’s raining!) we will give you a photo and all the information you need so you can’t miss us. We choose easy to find places and even send you photos of the exact spot with metro directions and exits to make it super easy to find. If it all feels a bit overwhelming then we do offer a hotel pick-up option for a small extra charge where we come and find you.

It’s raining …

Well rain happens … but the show must go on! Rain or shine our tour guide will be there to welcome you with a big smile and if necessary an umbrella. If it rains really hard we’re good at ducking for cover or adjusting as necessary. We’re the flexible type so we’ll make it a great experience regardless of the weather.

Do you ever need to cancel a tour?

If there is a severe weather warning or some major incident in Paris then we may occasionally need to cancel a tour. In this case we’ll do our best to re-schedule it for you free of charge.

If we need to cancel due to sickness etc. then we’ll happily offer a new date or a full refund. You can view our full terms and conditions here.

What should I bring?

Comfortable shoes is top of the list! Apart from that you don’t need anything special except the usual hat and suncream if it’s a hot day or wet weather gear if it’s raining. Don’t worry if you do forget something or the weather changes after you’ve left as we do carry a few spare umbrellas and suncream if necessary. We encourage you to bring your camera and we’ll happily take some shots of you as we walk.

I don’t have a great camera but would like some nice photos.

That’s fine – we have a pretty good one and will happily take some for you and can even email them to you afterwards.

Why do you offer the tour in French and English?

We like to give people the choice. We are quite unique in that we’ve got a background in teaching French to English people so for those who have been learning French for a while it can be nice to use the tour as a kind of lesson.  We usually find this options works well for 1 or 2 people who are English speakers studying French at a more advanced level.
We also run the tour for French people who are visiting Paris as we don’t want to inflict English on them!
Pierre is French and Australian and is bilingual (but has kept his little French accent) so he can run it well in either language.

I’ve found some tours which are cheaper than you, why is that?

We like to think we are somewhere in the upper end of tours. Not the top luxury end but somewhere in the upper middle where quality and value collide. We don’t give you gold edged cards or expensive packs but we do provide little details that help make the tour special. We are also highly qualified and experienced, not a student doing this on the side. We do things properly and legally to the best of our knowledge so we pay tax, we have insurance  and we treat people with integrity. Doing it the right way means everything costs a little more but we think it’s worth it.

My plans have changed and I need to cancel, can I get a refund?

Unfortunately not – we organise and reserve that time just for you. On some occasions we may be able to re-schedule the tour but it depends on your circumstances and when you are next in Paris. We know that life happens so where possible we try and help you out if you have a major crisis or something important stopping you from coming.

You can view our full terms and conditions.

Contact us for more information and to book your tour!